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Candice Shay- Activities Director

Special Services At Lackawanna Health and Rehab Center, we are always here for you and your family. We care about you and will make every effort to provide quality care and compassion to all we serve. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care possible in a warm, homelike environment. Respite Care Long Term Care Short Term Rehab Care Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Discharge Planning Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care Skilled Services Our goal is to have all residents of Lackawanna Health and Rehab Center receive the necessary care and services to achieve and maintain the highest level of functioning and well-being possible in accordance with the comprehensive assessment and Plan of Care. Physical Therapy: Each resident admitted to our Center receives an evaluation by a Licensed Physical Therapist. The Physical Therapist will develop an individualized plan of care that is resident centered. The focus of treatment may include gait training, therapeutic, balance and coordination exercises, transfer training, bedside exercises. Modalities of E-stim, ultrasound or diathermy may be added to your plan of care. Occupational Therapy: Residents will receive an evaluation by a Licensed Occupational Therapist. The Occupational Therapist will develop goals related to eye-hand coordination, muscle strengthening exercises, activities of daily living and homemaking skills as determined through the evaluation. Speech Therapy: Speech Therapy will focus on the remediation of speech and language disorders, secondary to neurological impairments such as stroke, head trauma and progressive neurological disorders (Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis), and dementia. Speech therapy will provide evaluations and treatments for dysphagia (swallowing disorders). Hearing screenings are also available along with further recommendations for audiological testing. Skilled Nursing: Each resident admitted to the facility is assessed by a Registered Nurse. The RN will develop a comprehensive Plan of Care to assist with the care of our resident. Nursing staff will assist with ADL’s, bed mobility, and transfer, as needed, while promoting independence. Licensed nurses can perform IV care, wound care, instruct on disease process and assist with preparing for discharge, as needed. Our nursing staff is trained in memory care to provide support and care to both our resident and their family members. Our nursing staff is well trained in end of life care to assist in making this process more dignified and the nursing staff acts as resident advocates. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Assists in recreational services inside and out of the Center. Carries on various facility activities which enhance the quality of the resident life and also the volunteer. Volunteer work is not medical or nursing in nature. TIME COMMITMENT: Varies with volunteer availability. Volunteer Training and Orientation in Geriatrics is provided here at the Center. Valid clearances are required

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