Ritz Performing Arts Center

222 Wyoming Ave Scranton PA 18503


M-F from 9am-430pm

Carole G. Mason- Community Outreach Mgr. Exec Directors- Michael and Sheri Melcher

CaPAA of NEPA’s mission is to provide a quality education in the creative and performing arts to young children, teens and adults in an environment that honors achievement, creativity and personal growth, regardless of ability or resources. Our goal is to nurture and inspire a lifelong love and appreciation of the creative and performing arts and provide unique opportunities for cultural exchange and community understanding. Agency Description: THE RITZ PERFORMING ARTS CENTER IS HOME TO THE CREATIVE AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (CAPAA). WE SPECIALIZE IN PROVIDING TOP NOTCH LOCAL THEATER FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS ALIKE. Student Volunteer Opportunities: WE PROVIDE SEVERAL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR INCLUDING NEEDING USHERS AND CONCESSIONS FOR CHILDREN SHOWS, MAINSTAGE PRODUCTIONS, SPECIAL EVENTS, PRE-SCHOOL PROGRAMS, ETC. Internship Opportunities: COSTUME DESIGN, SET DESIGN, LIGHT & SOUND, STAGE MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, FUNDRAISING, GRANT WRITING, ETC.

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