Nativity Miguel School

Marywood University Campus 2300 Adams Ave Liberal Arts Building Scranton PA 18509


8am-5pm with some after school programs Mon-Fr

Tim Casey, Principal Arielle Bzdick, business office manager

The NativityMiguel School of Scranton is an independent Catholic, co-educational school which empowers students to reach their full potential as students, leaders and role-models in their families and community. The Nativity Miguel model was created in 1971 with the establishment of a small school in Manhattan’s Lower East Side to fulfill the needs of a poor neighborhood by providing quality, tuition-free education to low-income children that had the discipline and desire to learn in a challenging academic environment. Ultimately, it became the inspiration for other educators seeking to provide outstanding education to urban students. More than 60 schools in 27 states operate today serving more than 4000 students. The school seeks to provide a holistic, financially accessible and integrated education to students of all faiths who are in grades five through eight and whose potential is underserved because of academic, social and financial challenges. Through the shared commitment of community and educational leaders, the school offers an academically rigorous, extended-day, year-round program which empowers students to greater achievement in high school, college and future employment. Volunteer Opportunities: after school programs, lunch time helpers, clubs, sports, other activities. Valid clearances are required for this site. It is on COLTS bus route 53

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