Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

P O Box 155 Mehoopany PA 18629



Indra Lahiri, Director

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is named after the Sanskrit “heaven for the Gods”, and is founded on two principles: 1) the earth herself and all life are sacred 2) we are all related Indraloka is a place of peace, learning, healing, and joy for animals of all species, including humans. We have over 150 non-human animals in our care. They teach lessons in enlightenment, hope, joy, health and dying well daily. We provide lifetime safe sanctuary to animals in need, and they offer the same to us. We also offer consulting services for individuals or organizations that are working with animals that face extreme behavioral or emotional issues such as fear and aggression. Volunteer Opportunities****** Hands on: If you live nearby and want to lend a hand, we have many, many chores to do each and every day and we always welcome the help. •Fundraising / grant proposal writing * •Feeding and watering * •Cleaning •Grooming •Trades (painting, repairs, carpentry, etc…) •Administrative support •Be a friend to an animal * denotes urgent need Hands off: Maybe you don’t live nearby or you don’t think you can help, but we need you too! You can volunteer to help us from your own home or workplace by: •Display our flyer at your home or workplace •Set up a donation center at your business •Spread the word!

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