Compassionate Care Hospice

1444 E Lackawanna Ave Suite 218 Olyphant PA

(570) 451-1031


Tamara Jaroszewski

Compassionate Care Hospice has the privileged opportunity to serve more patients with purpose. We know that each life is precious and tells an incredible story, and it is our mission to honor our patients’ lives and allow them to live each day to its fullest. Whether we’re delivering care at a patient’s bedside, supporting our clinical team or educating the community on the hospice benefit, this isn’t just a job – it’s our higher calling. Since its founding in 1993, Compassionate Care Hospice has remained committed to its mission of affirming life during its final stages by providing holistic, compassionate care to patients and their families, increasing access to hospice care for underserved populations and delivering resources and education to the community. Training will be provided. Volunteers require background clearances. Time commitment of 1-2 hours per week.

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