LIFE Geisinger - Scranton

2300 Adams Ave Scranton PA 18509


Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm

Amy Minnich, RN - Executive Director Anita Marenegiani, RN Center Manager Maria Hastie, Outreach & enrollment Coordinator

LIFE Geisinger's mission is to provide high quality comprehensive teamed based care to the frail elderly, in our to maximize independence and quality of life. LIFE Geisinger is based on a federal and state sponsored health care model, thats main promise is to serve frail elderly within the community who might otherwise be confined to a nursing home. Volunteers are needed in a variety of positions including off site escorts, visual aides, event assistants, sitter/safety attendants, presenters or friendly visitors/companions. Time Commitment: variable, based on activity and volunteer interests Needed before you can volunteer is 1. Physical Exam (within the past year) and MD statement of being free of Communicable diseases 2. Proof of Immunizations 3. PPD (within the past the past year) The PPD can be placed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wendesday only. 4. Background Check 5. Completed Volunteer Application 6. Completed Volunteer Orientation (estimate 2 -3 hours) for more information, please call and ask for the volunteer coordinator.

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