Community Intervention Center

445 North 6th Ave Scranton, PA 18509


Daily 8am-7pm

Executive Director: Kim Cadugan Asst Director: Michelle Matyjevich

The Community Intervention Center recognizes chemical dependency as a progressive disease characterized by the compulsive and excessive use of mood altering chemicals. Chemical dependency negatively impacts the individual's mental and physical health, interpersonal relationships, family life and employability. Fortunately it is treatable and can be arrested through abstinence, treatment and active participation in a 12 step program. Unfortunately there are those who after countless attempts find recovery elusive. CIC is here for them as well. CIC takes a holistic view within the Mental Health Recovery Model of mental illness focusing on the individual, not just the symptoms. Recovery asserts that persons with psychiatric disabilities can achieve not only affective stability and social rehabilitation, but transcend limits imposed by mental illness to achieve their highest goals and aspirations. CIC also understands that there are those individuals who are resistant to recovery. CIC is here for them as well.

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