Oakwood Terrace

400 Gleason Road RR 2 Moosic PA 18640

570-451-3171 fax 451-3172

flexible. Volunteers are welcome 7 days a week.

Administrator: Janine Kubasko-Starinsky, MHA Asst. Administrator: Trish Slusarczyk, R.N. Activity Director: Michael Semian

Oakwood Terrace is an Assisted Living Facility for people with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. It is designed for people in the early or mid stages, who may need some help in their activities of daily living, but do not yet require nursing home care. It consists of 48 rooms, private and semi-private. Student Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are always welcome to help assist residents in ADL's, all kinds of activities, meal times, taking walks, or just sitting and visiting. We would also be happy to have volunteers assist with our 2.5 acre courtyards with vegetable and flower gardens.

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