Webster Towers

500 N. Webster Ave. Scranton PA 18510

342-7086 fax- 342-3334

Flexible, evenings available

Judy McLane

Webster Towers is an eight-story, senior apartment complex located at 500 North Webster Avenue in the historical and beautiful Hill Section neighborhood of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Originally sponsored by the Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania, it opened its doors in 1976 and is a nonsectarian, nonprofit organization providing housing for seniors and persons with mobility disabilities who need the assessible features of the building. In addition to providing apartments, Webster Towers also offers an opportunity for socialization through various activities. Holiday parties, gatherings for Bingo and games of all types, topical speakers, entertainers, and bi-weekly prepared midday meals are only a few of the opportunities for seniors to interact. Volunteers are needed to teach Basic computer training to senior citizens(internet search engine and email) , Seniorsize exercise classes, and servers for dinners, parties for seniors. Skills needed: computer knowledge, good communication skills

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