St. Joseph's Center

2010 Adams Avenue Scranton, PA 18509

570-342-8379/fax 342-6080


Executive Director: Sr. Maryaliice Jacquinot Volunteer Director: Kathy Norton Family & Maternity Director:Ruma Marshall(558-5050)South Scranton; Joanne Stephens (963-1261)Dunmore

AGENCY MISSION: St. Joseph's Center is an independent Catholic agency sponsored by the Congregation of Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, rooted in the values of care, concern, compassion and committment. The Center strives to provide individuals and families who have special needs the opportunity to develop their abilities and potential to the fullest extent possible. DESCRIPTION: St. Joseph's offers residential, community and home based services, outpatient therapy, maternity, family and adoptive services. RESIDENTIAL CARE: The Center provides residential care to over 140 persons with mulitiple and profound challenges. FAMILY HOME CARE: In addition 200 individuals with varying degrees of developmental delays receive services in their family homes. MATERNITY AND FAMILY SERVICES: young mothers and mothers to be are given residental assistance and counseling. New parents in need find help through the Center's Baby Pantry located at 1213 Prospect Ave or 777 Flex Bldg, Keystone Industrial Park in Dunmore. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: - work one on one with special needs clients in residence - assist at regularly scheduled group therapy sessions - assist with operation of St. Joseph's baby pantry - special projects - field trips, large group activities SERVICE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: - work one on one with special needs client in residence - assist at regularly scheduled group therapy session FACULTY/STAFF VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: In addition to the above, faculty and staff are invited to share their expertise in the form of guest lectures, foreign language interpreters, spiritual leaders or Board and Auxiliary members. TIME COMMITMENT: Most regularly scheduled volunteers offer about one hour per week. There is no set time commitment for special project volunteers. Service Learning- once per week for at least 10 weeks. Volunteer training and orientation is provided. If clearances are required, they will be paid for by the agency. Introduction to facility, acquaninted with staff and residents, policies explained, specific duties explained. *Walking distance from Marywood College. *on or close walk from COLTS bus stop (free for students/staff/faculty)

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